Robin Schulz Remix of Arizona’s ‘I Was Wrong’ Is Addictive — Repeat Rotation Video


David Guetta and Robin Schulz releasing a collaborative song on Thursday reminded me today about a Robin Schulz remix I have had in my head for weeks. A song that is so addictive, I must have danced to it a million times since it was released in August. And a song that is my Repeat Rotation Video today.

The track is the Robin Schulz remix of A R I Z O N A ‘s ‘I Was Wrong‘, a song that wormed its way into my head the minute I heard the first few bars and, a huge number of re-listens later, I still love it.

And, while I like the original A R I Z O N A release of the track as well, the beat in the Schulz remix is just a little more subtle and not quite so in your face. To me, that makes the song even more rich, more addictive and a little more elegant.

Listen to Robin Schulz’ remix of A R I Z O N A ‘s ‘I Was Wrong‘ in the official video below to see what I mean. You can listen to the original version of the track below that.

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