Rondé’s ‘Run’ is Big in the Netherlands and I Can See Why (Video)

ronde run

Rondé is a Dutch indie pop band from Utretch that is having some pretty great things said about it, including that it may just end up being the most successful Dutch band of 2015. That’s why I wasn’t surprised to hear how good their latest single ‘Run‘ is, nor that lead singer Rikki Borgelt has such an amazing voice.

Rondé has only been together since 2014, and comprises lead singer Rikki Borgelt, guitarist Armel Paap, keyboardist Adrian Persons, bassist Cas Oomen, and drummer Sharon Zarr. In just that short time, though, the band has become popular in the Netherlands, playing live shows all around the country as well as a fair few sold out shows.

Listen to Rondé’s ‘Run’ below, and find out more about the band on their website. (It’s in Dutch but, if you have Chrome, you can translate it). Personally, I love them.


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