Röyksopp’s Video for ‘Running To The Sea’ Is Simple and Perfect

Röyksopp running to the sea

I first started listening to Norwegian electronic duo Röyksopp a few months ago when I discovered their fabulous track ‘What Else Is There?. (Yes, I’m a little behind the times). Since then, they’ve become one of my favorite European artists as their music is so rich, and has such amazing depth.

Just an hour ago, Röyksopp released a new video, and it’s already going on my list of favorite videos in a while.

It’s the official video for one of Röyksopp’s latest singles, ‘Running To The Sea‘, but it wasn’t created by Röyksopp themselves. Instead, the video is the winner of a competition the duo ran at the end of last year to find the perfect video for their song.

After watching more than 200 entries from all over the world, the winning entry they chose was by a director called Lauren Rothery from the United States. The prize Rothery received? A $10,000 award and, of course, to have her stunning video used as the official video for the song.

And, the first time I watched it, I could see why they chose it, as it’s so beautifully simple yet so effective. Featuring nothing more than a man and his daughter. A daughter who, we can guess from what transpires, is now lost to him.

As for ‘Running To The Sea‘, it’s a gorgeous song, with haunting vocals by singer-songwriter Susanne Sundfør, the most beautiful piano, and a soul-grabbing drumming beat.

Running To The Sea’ is from Röyksopp’s newest album ‘The Inevitable End, which you can currently buy on CD along with a free MP3 version. According to the duo, it is also their last album — although many of us still hold out hope that does not end up being true.

Meanwhile, while we wait with bated breath to see what they do next, watch Lauren Rothery’s video for ‘Running To The Sea‘ below. Isn’t that perfect?

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