Ruelle’s ‘Like You Mean It’ lyric video another gorgeous release from the prolific artist

Ruelle’s ‘Like You Mean It‘ is her 999th song — okay, slight exaggeration

There are just some artists that are incredibly prolific with the music they write, record and release.

One of those artists is electro pop singer songwriter Ruelle, aka Maggie Eckford — a Nashville-based singer songwriter who, every time I turn around, seems to be releasing another gorgeous song or music video.

Many of which eventually seem to appear on a huge number of popular TV shows.

Today’s beautiful release is Ruelle’s ‘Like You Mean It‘ lyric video.

A quite powerful video, even though it just features Ruelle filmed standing against the sky with a gigantic scarf blowing in the wind around her as the lyrics appear on the screen.

Like You Mean It‘ was written by Ruelle, her close friend Fleurie (Lauren Strahm) and Jeremy Lutito.

The track is from her latest EP Earth Glow, which was released earlier in 2019.

Watch Ruelle’s ‘Like You Mean It‘ lyric video below, and listen to the track on Ruelle’s latest EP in the Spotify widget below that. The song itself was released in August.

And, if you want to see just how crazy prolific Ruelle is, this is her current discography.

Wild, eh? Especially because just about everything she produces is superb.

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