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Ryn Weaver’s ‘Promises’ is a FairyPop Extravaganza with Lyrics That Twist


Ryn Weaver’s ‘Promises’ is a fairypop extravaganza

Ryn Weaver had a massive viral hit with her track ‘OctaHate earlier in the year. A hit that ended up getting her on major TV shows. That song is from Weaver’s EP Promises, and it’s an EP that I’ve been listening to for half the morning on Deezer today.

That’s because Promises is a glorious fairypop extravaganza with the most ethereal music anyway but, as a writer, I particularly love it because of the way Ryn Weaver pronounces so many of the words she sings. They have a twist to them.

A twist that makes what she sings so much more touching, and much more emotion grabbing.

Listen to Ryn Weaver’s Promises on Deezer below, and see what I mean.


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