Ryokuoushoku Shakai’s ‘Party!!’ music video is a fun nod to Delicious in Dungeon anime

The YouTube channel of Ryokuoushoku Shakai, the dynamic four-piece Japanese pop rock band, has recently commenced streaming a music video for their latest single, ‘Party!!’.

This infectious and already incredibly popular pop track currently serves as the ending theme for the television anime adaptation of Ryoko Kui’s beloved fantasy comedy manga Delicious in Dungeon.

Originally unveiled digitally on January 24th, the catchy title track is set to make its official physical CD debut on March 6th in Japan, which is why Ryokuoushoku Shakai’s ‘Party!!‘ music video has been unveiled now.

Watch it below, and you’ll see it is a nice promotion piece for the song, right?

Ryokuoushoku Shakai’s ‘Party!!‘ music video

The fun ‘Party!!‘ music video features the Ryokuoushoku Shakai band members performing the song in a vibrantly colored room, interspersed with cartoon style graphics and with elements that give a nod to the Delicious in Dungeon anime series.

In some scenes, they are also dressed as the anime’s party of heroes, heading out to do battle with the dungeon’s monsters.

Occasionally a strange bear who seems to be morphing from iteration to iteration also shows up to dance.

Since its release yesterday, Ryokuoushoku Shakai’s ‘Party!!‘ music video has earned 82,000 views so far.

Lower than I would have expected, considering the popularity of the band and that of the anime whose theme song the band plays.

Watch Ryokuoushoku Shakai’s ‘Party!!‘ music video below, and enjoy that catchy Delicious in Dungeon theme song.

The anime itself is streaming exclusively on Netflix.


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