Watch Saara Aalto’s X-Factor Semi-Final Performance of Sia’s ‘Chandelier’, It’s Incredible


It looks like Finnish singer Saara Aalto just became the favorite to win the thirteenth season of the British version of The X-Factor after she gave an incredible performance of Sia’s ‘Chandelier last night. It is the same song Aalto sang during her audition.

And what is great about Saara Aalto’s version of ‘Chandelier‘ is that, unlike so many other singers that try to sing it and yet do nothing more than copy Sia, she makes this song absolutely her own.

As judge Nicole Scherzinger said: “This is your song, that you sung that blew me away.”

Simon Cowell, of course, was even more direct saying “Oh bleep! Apart from the silly dress, it was absolutely sensational. I admire people who fight.”

And got to agree with Simon, it’s an awful dress and weird staging but, man, can Saara Aalto sing. Watch Aalto’s semi-final performance of ‘Chandelier‘ below.

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