Sam Smith’s ‘Fire on Fire’ from Watership Down is a massive, gorgeous, addictive ballad

Sam Smith’s ‘Fire on Fire‘ from Watership Down is gorgeous

I have zero interest in ever watching the BBC’s new mini-series remake of the classic Watership Down because, as a former rabbit mom, I just find watching rabbits die horrific deaths far too traumatic. (That being said, I am sure it is going to be a wonderful series for anyone not easily devastated by animal deaths).


But I am going to be listening to Sam Smith’s ‘Fire on Fire’ from Watership Down over and over again – a song the incredibly talented British singer songwriter released just a few hours ago, and which I have had on repeat on Spotify for several hours since.

Because Smith, who co-wrote ‘Fire on Fire‘ along with producer/songwriter Steve Mac specifically for Watership Down has produced yet another enormous ballad that is so beautiful it is hard to stop listening to.

Fire on Fire’ was recorded with the BBC Concert Orchestra at London’s iconic Abbey Road Studios, and will serve as the theme for Watership Down.

The four-part mini series Watership Down will begin airing on BBC One on December 22nd at 7pm, and will be on Netflix outside the UK in its entirety on December 23rd.

Now listen to Sam Smith’s ‘Fire on Fire‘ from Watership Down in the official music video below, and in the Spotify widget below that.

Because whether the lyrics fit the mini-series or not (they don’t!), it is still one of the most beautiful songs.

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Michelle Topham