Sanni’s ‘2080-Luvulla’ is Beautiful, Heart-Wrenching and Lyrically Lovely (Video)

sanni 2080


Finnish singer Sanni has a new single out, which is doing well on Finnish radio at the moment having hit the number 3 spot soon after it was released. Called ‘2080-luvulla‘, it’s a beautiful love song about a failed relationship.

In ‘2080-luvulla‘ Sanni sings about how sad she is about a break up. A break up that hit her so hard she feels as though she will still be writing songs about him in 2080, as she will still miss him so much. Even then.

Of course, this is nothing new for Sanni as she is known for her beautiful ballads, and the way she writes her lyrics with words that are often so touching and heart-wrenching. Personally, I’ve only known about her for a few weeks, don’t understand the Finnish lyrics without Google Translate, and yet I’m still completely in love with her music.

Listen to Sanni’s ‘2080-luvulla‘ below. Now does it really matter if you understand Finnish or not? It’s still a beautiful song, right?


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