Sarah Connor’s ‘Wie Schön Du Bist’ is a Beautiful Tribute to Her Son – Repeat Rotation Video


Sarah Connor’s  ‘Wie Schön Du Bist‘ is beautiful

Today, I have been playing German singer Sarah Connor’s new single ‘Wie Schön Du Bist‘ (How beautiful you are) as my Repeat Rotation Video.

The track is from her new album Muttersprache, which in and of itself has an interesting title, seeing as how it’s Connor’s first mainly German-language album, and Muttersprache means ‘mother tongue’.

And I like ‘Wie Schön Du Bist‘ because it has a pretty melody, it builds beautifully as she sings, and Sarah Connor has one of those voices that evokes emotion.

Besides, while you might think ‘Wie Schön Du Bist‘ is about a lover, it was actually written as a tribute to her son after an argument with him, which I thought was lovely.

The song has also hit number 2 in the German singles chart, so it looks like many others are liking it as much as I am.

As for Muttersprache, I have listened to the album twice through so far and, the first time, not much was grabbing my attention with the exception of ‘Mein König’  (My King) and ‘Wenn Du Da Bist‘, (When You’re There) with its gorgeous strings, as most of the rest of the 20 tracks, yes 20, seemed pleasant enough but a bit bland.

I’ll give you a hint, though.

Listen to Muttersprache with headphones on, as the second time through that made all the difference to me.

Because when all I could hear was Connor’s incredibly emotional voice, and could really hear the intricacies of the songs and the emotions behind them, it became just beautiful.

I also have a feeling Muttersprache may become one of those albums I listen to a lot while I’m writing. It has the ‘feel’ I like when I’m trying to create.

Besides, I do love ‘Wie Schön Du Bist‘. It is well worth so many listenings.

Watch the video below, and you will likely hear why.


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