Say Lou Lou’s ‘Nothing But a Heartbeat’ Video is Beautiful and Dreamy

say lou lou nothing but a heartbeat

Swedish-Australian twin sister duo Say Lou Lou have released the ‘Nothing But a Heartbeat‘ video, the new single from their debut album Lucid Dreaming. And it fits their dream pop music perfectly as, in this case, the video really is about a dream.

It starts with the Say Lou Lou sisters, Miranda and Elektra, sleeping in a bed side by side, but moves quickly into their dreams — Elektra in a forest, running to find Miranda. And then Elektra suddenly finding herself on the roof of a building in a city only to see Miranda throwing herself off. So she follows her off the building.

The dream then loops, but this time it’s Miranda in the forest trying to find Elektra, and then on the roof, and then Elektra throwing herself off, and it loops and……… You get the idea.

The video was directed by Joanna Nordahl, and it really is quite beautiful. Especially as twins often do dream the same dreams. Watch it below. It’s eight and a half minutes of magic.

As for Lucid Dreaming, the album released today and you can grab it on iTunes.


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