Selah Sue’s Video for ‘Always Home’ is Visually Stunning — Repeat Rotation Video


Belgian soul singer Selah Sue’s video for her single ‘Always Home‘ is my Repeat Rotation Video today after the German news broadcaster Deutsche Welle did a story on how the video has gone viral.

The visually stunning video for the song was created by the Belgian visual artist Filip Sterckx, and all it took was an actor, a light bulb and a darkened church.

The video was filmed with time lapse photography so it looks as though the one light bulb is floating throughout the entire church, while the actor moves into different places beneath and within it.

Since its release on Vimeo, the video for Selah Sue’s ‘Always Home’ has received more than 255,00 views.

As for Selah Sue, she is a singer whose self-titled debut album was a major success in Europe. No surprise really as Sue’s rich voice is stunning, and her music is beautifully calming and relaxing.

Watch Selah Sue’s video for ‘Always Home‘ below. And just imagine how many hours that must have taken to film.

And, if you like Sue’s music, pick up her newest album Reason on most major music sites.

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