Selena Gomez ‘Same Old Love’ is a Catchy Pop Torch Song — Repeat Rotation Video

selena gomez live children in need same old love

Late in 2015, Selena Gomez was part of the BBC’s annual Children In Need appeal and, while she isn’t always the best live performer, on this night she absolutely nailed it with a superb live performance of ‘Same Old Love‘. A catchy pop torch song that is one of the best she has released, because it is just so understated in its emotions. Yet actually so powerful.

Same Old Love‘ is from Gomez’ second studio album Revival, and was the second single of the album.

And this particular performance of the song is also my Repeat Rotation Video as I love how she seems so casual when she sings it. And, of course, that cute little bit where the scarf of the dress she is wearing flips up onto the top of the microphone, and she just laughs and keeps on singing.

Watch Selena Gomez perform ‘Same Old Love‘ at the BBC’s Children In Need appeal for your Repeat Rotation Video today. And, as always, listen to it loud, and with headphones.

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