Sexy Zone’s ‘The Finest’ music video is a cool 1980s style animated piece — Watch!

Japanese boy band Sexy Zone’s ‘The Finest’ is the currently four-member band’s latest single. The mellow track got an official animated music video today.

The 1980s-style animated ‘The Finest‘ music video shows a beautiful woman in various styles of outfit heading out on dates with four different men, also dressed from extremely casual to business-like depending on the situation.

The song itself is laidback and cool, with a nice vibe, and with the group members’ sweet way of singing suiting the track perfectly.

Sexy Zone’s ‘The Finest‘ is one of the tracks featured on the Johnny & Associates-affiliated group’s upcoming album The Highlight, which is due out on June 1st.

It will be the group’s eighth studio album, and the first one since they released Pop × Step!? in early 2020.

Sexy Zone was founded in 2011 as a new teen idol boy band, with all members of the band at the time being younger than 18-years-old.

Fast forward more than a decade, and members Shori Sato, Kento Nakajima, Marius Yo, Fuma Kikuchi and Sou Matsushima are now in their early to late 20s depending on the member.

Yet they have still maintained their loyal fan base, even as fans also grew into adulthood.

Listen to their latest single on Sexy Zone’s ‘The Finest‘ music video. The song is deceptively simple, but still plays in your head long after it ends.

More info: Sexy Zone at Universal Music Japan


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