Shawn Mendes’ loved fans at ‘Sounds Like Friday Night’, they made him smile…and tweet

Shawn Mendes’ loved his fans at ‘Sounds Like Friday Night

Canadian singer songwriter Shawn Mendes showed up on the BBC’s Sounds Like Friday Night last night to sing ‘Lost in Japan‘ and ‘In My Blood‘. It was the first time Mendes has given a live performance in quite a few months, but it was well worth the wait.

After all, Shawn Mendes is one of that elite group of young singers who actually sounds just as good live as he does recorded.

Both songs are from Mendes’ upcoming third studio album expected to be released some time later in 2018.

As for Mendes’ performance on Sounds Like Friday Night, it was equally fabulous due to the amazing audience that screamed the minute he showed up on stage, really got into the music, sang along with him through most of it, obliged when he said “SCREAM it!” and really made him smile.

Mendes loved his fans so much, he even tweeted about it afterwards saying “THIS CROWD WAS AWESOME”. Yep, they kinda were.

Watch Shawn Mendes perform both ‘Lost in Japan‘ and ‘In My Blood‘ on the BBC’s Sounds Like Friday Night in the videos below.

And let’s just say, you have gotta love that boy because he never disappoints.

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