Shin Hye Sun stills from Welcome to Samdal-ri show Cho Sam Dal after her boyfriend cheats

Photos courtesy JTBC

With the new JTBC drama Welcome to Samdal-ri in its second week this week, the production company has released some new Welcome to Samdal-ri stills of the drama’s female lead Shin Hye Sun.

The new Shin Hye Sun stills show the drama’s star as photographer Cho Sam Dal, both on Jeju Island and back in Seoul.


One of the Shin Hye Sun stills has Cho Sam Dal sitting on the kitchen floor of the apartment she shares with her sisters in Seoul.

Drunk, and crying about her cheating now-ex boyfriend.

The other stills have Cho Sam Dal back on Jeju Island, where she fled after her assistant lied about being abused by her.


What is the Welcome to Samdal-ri plot about?

Welcome to Samdal-ri stars Shin Hye Sun and Ji Chang Wook.

It follows photographer Cho Sam Dal who, after making a name for herself as a high-profile photographer in Seoul suddenly finds her life collapsing after her jealous assistant decides she will fake a suicide attempt, and then blame Cho Sam Dal’s “abuse” for causing it.

Sam Dal returns home to Jeju Island with her two adult sisters in tow, where she re-meets her childhood friend, and ex-boyfriend, Cho Yong Pil.

Yong Pil is a weather forecaster whose company is determined to send him to work in Seoul. A city he has no interest in living in, as he doesn’t want to come across his first love — Cho Sam Dal — who is living there.

When Sam Dal returns to Jeju Island, however, the two cannot avoid each other and it is then we begin to realize the feelings they once had for each other may still be there.


And yes, while the drama is superb on its own merits and on the merits of its talented actors, it is also well-worth a watch as much of it is filmed on Jeju Island, which is utterly stunning.

Enjoy the new Shin Hye Sun stills from Welcome to Samdal-ri above, as they really are pretty.

Welcome to Samdal-ri airs on JTBC in South Korea every Saturday and Sunday at 22:30 (KST), with TVING streaming it as well.

Netflix is streaming the Korean romantic comedy drama for international audiences.


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