Shura’s ‘White Noise’ Is a Brilliant Homage to 80s Synthpop (Video)

shura white light

Shura’s ‘White Light‘ is synthpop at its finest

I hadn’t had chance to check out Shura’s latest single ‘White Light‘, until I kept seeing it pop up on various blogs I read. But, when I did finally listen to it, I could immediately see why so many people seem to be talking about it. Shura’s ‘White Light’ is a fabulous homage to 1980s synthpop, and it’s incredibly sweet.

For me, no, it doesn’t have quite the same kind of resonance as Shura’s earlier single ‘Touch, but I do still love the mix of synth, electronic, and R&B.

Besides, if I heard ‘White Light‘ on the dance floor, I’d be dancing for its full seven minutes, and then begging the DJ to play it again.

Wouldn’t you?


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