Sia “Diamonds” The Edge in Her Voice Gives This a Kick: Repeat Rotation Video

sia diamonds


Sia’s ‘Chandelier was one of my top 10 songs of 2014. A beautiful song, and an even more beautiful performance by Sia. Sia’s ‘Diamonds‘ is another incredible song this talented singer-songwriter produced, and it’s this song that’s my Repeat Rotation Video today.

Originally written for Rihanna, I prefer Sia’s version of ‘Diamonds‘ as, to me, her voice has an edge to it Rihanna’s doesn’t have, so it gives the songĀ an extra kick. It’s also a more stripped down version, which gives it more power.

According to Sia, she wrote ‘Diamonds‘ in only 14 minutes (hard to believe, but that seems to be how she works). It went on to become one of Rihanna’s biggest hits.

Now, though, there’s a Sia version of ‘Diamonds‘ and, interestingly, it’s the same track Rihanna heard before she recorded the song. Which is why, on her version, Rihanna sounds like Sia.

Listen to Sia’s version of ‘Diamonds’ for today’s Repeat Rotation Video. Now isn’t that killer?


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