Sia Performs ‘Alive’ on The Ellen Show Standing Behind a Black Dress — Still Beautiful

sia and maddie ziegler alive the ellen show

Sia and Maddie Ziegler perform ‘Alive‘ on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Australian singer Sia performed her latest single, the powerful ‘Alive‘, live on The Ellen Show this week and, of course, dancer Maddie Ziegler was with her.

And, as usual with Sia, while singing she hid her face. This time behind a gigantic black dress hung on a wall. And as Maddie danced around the empty room smashing windows, doing twirls and spins and generally looking anguished and broken, Sia sang.

Sia’s single ‘Alive‘ is from her upcoming new album This Is Acting, which will release on January 29th. It’s the third single we’ve heard from the album, with previous releases ‘Bird Set Free’ and ‘One Million Bullets‘ both equally as powerful as her Ellen offering.

After all, let’s face it, it is Sia and she doesn’t seem to be able to release a bad song if she tried.

Watch her and the amazing Maddie below.

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