Sia’s ‘Fire Meet Gasoline’ is a Lingerie Commercial and Not Her New Single (Video)

fire meet gasoline sia

Music news writers were all agog yesterday about a new Sia video for ‘Fire Meet Gasoline‘ that showed up on Sia’s VEVO channel. According to them, it was “Sia’s new single”. It also meant little Maddie Ziegler, Sia’s usual muse, had finally been kicked to the kerb as this one starred German model Heidi Klum and Game of Thrones’ Pedro Pascal.

Now, I have to say, although I didn’t know for sure this wasn’t true, one thing that struck me when I watched it was how much of Heidi Klum in lingerie was in the video. And that type of image is not usually what Sia goes for (she’s deeper than that, and far more creative).

The other thing I thought didn’t ring true was the literal, and quite boring depiction of ‘Fire Meet Gasoline’ – Heidi splashing gasoline around a house and then setting fire to it. Come on. Sia is never that predictable and dull.

So, I certainly wasn’t surprised when a few hours later Sia took to Twitter to tell fans, and music news writers, this was definitely not what they thought it was:

And yes, it turns out the Sia ‘Fire Meet Gasoline‘ video is for a lingerie shoot Heidi Klum did for her new Intimates campaign.

Thank God for that. Not just because it looks like Maddie hasn’t yet lost her Sia privileges, but also because I’d hate to see Sia disintegrate to the mindless, gratuitous sexual visuals so many video creators now succumb to. You know. When in doubt, chuck in a beautiful woman in barely-there lingerie and, wammo, it’s a music video.

But do watch the Heidi Klum video featuring Sia’s ‘Fire Meet Gasoline‘ below. It’s actually quite nice, even if it is predictable.


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