Sleeping At Last’s cover of ‘Everywhere I Go’ on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is emotionally devastating, and gorgeous

Sleeping At Last’s cover of ‘Everywhere I Go‘ on Grey’s Anatomy is emotionally devastating

It is official. Chicago-based Sleeping At Last, aka Ryan O’Neal, is the favorite singer songwriter of the Grey’s Anatomy music supervisor. He has to be. Because his music shows up on that show more than anyone else’s. Ever.

Sleeping At Last‘s latest song to be featured on Grey’s Anatomy is his gorgeous cover of Lissie’s ‘Everywhere I Go‘. And every time I hear a new Sleeping At Last song, I always think it is the most beautiful song I have ever heard. And then I hear another one.

Everywhere I Go‘ is no different.

Because it is the combination of his plaintive voice singing as if his heart has been smashed into such tiny pieces no-one can ever put it back together, the melancholic lyrics, the way the slowed down song entwines itself around your soul, and that heart-wrenching violin that just does me in.

‘Everywhere I Go‘ was played on Grey’s Anatomy Season 14, Episode 19, “Beautiful Dreamer“.

It was heard as Meredith sends Sam to Zurich, April goes to Matthew in the chapel, Jo tells Alex she definitely wants to have children, and Owen applies for the foster-to-adopt program.

Listen to Sleeping At Last’s stunning cover of ‘Everywhere I Go‘ in the Spotify widget below.¬†You can also listen to Lissie’s singing the original version in the video below that.

Her original is lovely, but it does not have the devastatingly emotional impact of the Sleeping At Last version, which I have just played through at least 30 times.

Hit that play button and I bet you will do the same.

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