Slovenia’s Maraaya Releasing ‘Living Again’ – A Fabulous Dance Number (Video)

maraaya living again

Remember Slovenia’s Maraaya from Eurovision 2015? The pop duo that features Marjetka Vovk, she of the massive headphones and the incredible voice,  and Aleš Vovk, he of the beautiful keyboards and the world-class composing skills?


Well, they’re getting ready to release their first single since Eurovision. Called ‘Living Again‘, Maraaya’s new single was performed for the first time at a Red Cross concert in Slovenia on September 19th, and it’s gorgeous.

Catchy, with a great beat and a lovely melody, I’ve listened to ‘Living Again‘ straight through at least ten times, and it just gets better with every listening. And, yes, it’s completely addictive. And, yes, it’s the most fabulous dance number. And yes, I’ve been bopping around my living room for the last half hour because…this track just makes me want to dance.

Watch Maraaya perform ‘Living Again’ in the video below. It’s FABULOUS. And, yes, I’m shouting.

It comes out in a week.


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