Slumberjack’s ‘Horus’ is a Mess of Synth, Drums, Piano and an Arabic Vibe and It’s Gorgeous — Repeat Rotation Video


There is often a reason why I’m writing about what I’m writing about when it comes to music. Because I only write about what interests me, and that often also ends up being about things I’ve been led to by something else.

Case in point, doing a quick blurb on Slumberjack’s new single ‘Enigma today came from something else I was listening to all day as my Repeat Rotation Video — Slumberjack’s ‘Horus‘, a track that is so all over the place, it is bloody brilliant.

Because listen to ‘Horus‘. It’s a glorious mess of percussion, Arabic choruses and sound, a massive drum, a gorgeous piano and a wild synth that all meld together to create something absolutely superb.

In fact, I’ve had this blasting in my ears as I went about my day in Vienna, and I have to say my entire day was a whole lot sweeter. It’s just a good thing I’m new in town, or I’d probably have been dancing down the street.

Listen to Slumberjack’s ‘Horus‘ below. Isn’t that just spectacular?

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