Softengine Releases ‘All About You & I’ Video and Single – Cool Electronic Pop

softengine all about you and i

Softengine releases ‘All About You & I

Finland’s Softengine has a new single out, the first since they released their debut album, We Created the World, back in October last year. Called ‘All About You & I’, it’s more electronic than their previous work, but just as enjoyable.

Lead singer Topi Latukka’s is instantly recognizable as soon as the song starts, as he has that amazing emotional and raw quality to his voice. But ‘All About You and I‘ itself is a little happier than ‘The Sirens‘ or ‘Yellow House‘, Softengine’s last two singles, although at first listen, with his voice, it doesn’t quite sound that way.

Look at the lyrics though,

“Girl faithfully flawless
I’m falling for your madness
It’s weird how the shadows caress your face
You’re unique
Fearless and little freak
Can’t find another girl this sweet
Truly, I’m baffled by your taste

So close your eyes and let me guide you
Forget the worries for a little while
On the ferris wheel in the moonlight
It will be all about you and I”

See? He’s completely in love, and willing to do anything to make her happy.

As for the video for ‘All About You & I‘, it’s typical Softengine in that it’s filmed in a run-down building and Topi is off singing somewhere by himself. Personally, I love it.

Watch it below.


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