Softengine’s ‘What If I’ – Another Lovely Song From This Fabulous Finnish Band (Video)

softengine what if i



I hadn’t heard of the Finnish band Softengine until they appeared as Finland’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. I liked their song ‘Something Better‘ immediately, but they’ve since become huge favorites of mine because of the incredible music they’re putting out.

Just a couple of months ago, we were treated to the amazing ‘The Sirens, and now this month we get the equally fabulous ‘What If I‘ — a stunning song with the prettiest keyboards.

Besides, I’m a sucker for male voices that sound like the woes of the world are buried in them, and that’s lead singer Topi Latukka’s voice. Just heart-breakingly gorgeous. That he’s still only 20 years old makes the maturity and beauty of his voice even more astounding.

What If I‘ is from Softengine’s debut album ‘We Created the World‘. Listen to it in the video below and then, of course, buy it on iTunes.

Although, frankly, the whole album is so good, I’d say just buy ‘We Created the World‘. You’ll think me later.