Spandau Ballet’s ‘True’ plays on Gen V Ep 4 as Marie awakes in Rufus’ room and “that” scene

The now-defunct British New Wave band Spandau Ballet’s ‘True‘ was one of the cool tracks playing on the latest episode of the new Amazon Prime superhero series Gen V today — Gen V, Season 1, Episode 4, “The Whole Truth“.

The song plays as Marie wakes up in Rufus’ room after she asks him to use his telekinetic powers to find Marie.

It continues as “that” scene plays with Marie’s blood powers out of control again, and creepy Rufus eventually suffering the consequences.

True‘ is one of four superb songs on the Gen V soundtrack this week, along with music from Maggie Rogers, Christopher Lennertz & Matt Bowen, and the legendary Missy Elliott.

When did Spandau Ballet’s ‘True’ first come out?

The New Wave soul song ‘True‘ was released as the third single from the indie band’s third studio album of the same name, which came out on the Chrysalis and Reformation labels in April, 1983.

It went on to become a massive international hit for the British band, being played to death on college radio stations and alternative radio stations, and hitting high up charts on more than a dozen countries.

True‘ also made it to #1 in Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom, as well as ranking at #1 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart in the United States.

The year after its release, Spandau Ballet’s ‘True‘ was used in the hit teen film Sixteen Candles during the high school dance scene as protagonist Sam (played by Molly Ringwald) watches Jake (Michael Schoeffling) dancing with his girlfriend.

That film inclusion gave the song another massive push to become a fixture in 1980s pop music history, and helped it sell hundreds of thousands more copies.

To this day, anyone who saw Sixteen Candles can immediately remember just how sweetly sad that scene was, and how it made them feel.

Listen to Spandau Ballet’s ‘True‘ as heard on this week’s Gen V in the video, and on the British band’s album of the same name.

I doubt it will go down in history as a “legendary TV moment”, although it might as I don’t ever remember seeing “that” happen on teen TV before, but it was still nice to hear.

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