Spanish dance rock band Miss Dandy’s ‘Ahora’ combines rock, post-punk, dance music and fashion and it’s cool (video)

Spanish dance rock band Miss Dandy’s ‘Ahora’ combines rock, post-punk, dance music and fashion and it’s cool

If you like Spanish rock music, then you need to check out Spanish dance rock band (because I don’t know what else to call them) Miss Dandy. They have just released the video for their debut single ‘Ahora‘, and both the video and the song are cool.

Because, as the description to the video says, “Miss Dandy is what happens when you put together rock, post-punk, dance music and fashion”, and you could say that again.

After all, Miss Dandy’s ‘Ahora‘ is a lovely mix of a catchy insistent rock beat and dark dance music that really does make you want to dance, and the video has an interesting atmospheric ‘styled’ look to it with its intriguing imagery mixed in with an obvious fashion statement.

Throw in imagery like that of musician Gloria Bas playing guitar and then exploding into a cloud of what looks like cocaine, along with a definite feel of the British gothic rock band The Sisters of Mercy, and the whole package is ultra-interesting.

As for Miss Dandy, they are a relatively new Spanish dance rock/post punk band comprising musician Julián Nemesio and designer Gloria Bas, plus drummer Joshua Sánchez, Manuel Bagües on bass and Vicent Huma on guitar.

This is the Google Translate version of the bio from their website:

“A strong, energetic, essentially electronic and dark sound that drinks from post-punk and Anglo-Saxon rock music, but with a very personal touch. “Miss Dandy’s music  follows patterns that sometimes have more to do with dance music than with pop or rock. We make the music that we really like right now, without thinking too much about whether it will be more or less commercial, “explains Gloria Bas.

Watch Miss Dandy’s ‘Ahora‘ in their official video below to see what I mean.

And all I can say is I’m looking forward to hearing more from Miss Dandy. Because, so far, they’re cool.


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