Spoon Plays ‘Rainy Taxi’ and ‘I Just Don’t Understand’ Live at South By Southwest (Videos)

spoon live south by southwest


I used to live in Texas, so South By Southwest, the film and music festival in Austin, was an annual ‘must’ for me, as it’s an amazing place to see some of the best bands live. Nowadays, though, SXSW is even bigger than it used to be then, with major TV shows heading to South By Southwest to broadcast from there.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! is one of those TV shows in Austin this week, as Kimmel is broadcasting from the venue all week long, featuring the best music and the coolest bands and singers every night. And, on Tuesday night, he even showcased one of my favorite Austin acts, the rock band Spoon.

Spoon played two songs on Jimmy Kimmel Live! ‘ Rainy Taxi‘ and ‘I Just Don’t Understand‘. Both songs are from Spoon’s eight studio album ‘They Want My Soul‘, and both songs rock.

Listen to them below. And, by the way, if you ever get a chance to see Spoon play live, jump at it. I’ve seen them twice, and they are amazing.





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