Stealer: The Treasure Keeper Ep. 3 continues to fall in ratings after solid premiere

Photo courtesy tvN

The new tvN drama Stealer: The Treasure Keeper premiered last week to pretty decent ratings, but its second episode then saw an almost 20 percent drop in viewers.

This week, Stealer: The Treasure Keeper, Episode 3 aired last night in South Korea and saw another drop in viewers, although not as much as its previous episode.

According to Nielsen Korea, Stealer: The Treasure Keeper, Episode 3 saw a drop from 3.66 percent of the audience for Episode 2 to 3.58 percent for the drama’s third episode.

So only a 0.08 percent drop and, fingers crossed, that fall won’t continue.

With the drama seeing such a large drop from its first episode and another slight fall in viewership, however, it still signals it is struggling to find a loyal audience in Korea.

Something that seems to be surprising to many international viewers, who are still rating the action adventure comedy drama a solid 8 out of 10 on My Drama List.

Stealer: The Treasure Keeper also has another problem, however, in that it isn’t available to many international viewers as only the South Korean streaming service TVING is currently streaming it.

That deprives the K-drama of potentially hundreds of thousands of other viewers. Viewers who may enjoy it more than Korean audiences seem to be doing.

A pity too as, from the trailer (watch below), the drama looks quite funny.

Stealer: The Treasure Keeper stars Joo Won, Lee Joo Woo, Jo Han Chul, Kim Jae Won, and Choi Hwa Jung.

The drama airs in Korea on tvN every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:30 (KST).


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