Stockholm Noir and Ofelia’s ‘Boy Like A Girl’ is for everyone who doesn’t fit into society’s ‘norms’

Stockholm Noir and Ofelia’s ‘Boy Like A Girl’ is for everyone who doesn’t fit into society’s ‘norms’

Stockholm Noir just become my fave of the week with the video for their new single ‘Boy Like A Girl‘. The track features Ofelia.


And it’s my fave because not only is the song gorgeous, but the theme of it is perfect for this day and age as well.

As Stockholm Noir says on their Facebook page:

Boy Like A Girl’ is a song for every individual who feels that they don’t fit in within the norms in society. Whether it’s about dressing unconventionally, not feeling comfortable with the binary gender system, or being different in other ways – this song is for you.

And isn’t that really just about everybody? Because none of us really ‘fit’, it’s just that a large percentage of people do everything they can to fit in with what they think is ‘acceptable’ and that, to me, is almost as sad as those who don’t even try going through the bullying they often do.

As for Stockholm Noir and who they are? Your guess is as good as mine.

Their Facebook page has minimal information, their website is nothing but links to their social media, which doesn’t have any information on it either, and I didn’t find much on them with a cursory search on Google.

And, at the risk of going off on a rant, why do so many European artists do this? (As I’m assuming they’re European?) Make it as difficult as possible to find any information when you want to promote their work, up to and including not even writing a basic bio for their website?

They do themselves an horrendous disservice, especially against American and British artists who are often masters of promotion.

Because if I have to spend half an hour trolling through Google just to find three sentences about who they are and where they’re from, chances are with most artists most of the time I won’t bother. I’m just too busy. And then they lose a chance of having their music promoted.

Rant over. But it’s irritating.

Do watch and listen to Stockholm Noir’s ‘Boy Like A Girl‘ ft. Ofelia, though. It’s a beautiful song and a lovely video.

And eventually Stockholm Noir, whoever they are, will probably get with the program. Just not this week.

Michelle Topham

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