Stream Nine Inch Nails ‘Bad Witch’ on Spotify, it’s brilliant but it’s not an album

Is it just me, or does it seem like Nine Inch Nails announced their new ‘album’ Bad Witch one day and then released it the next? At least it feels that quick. What with rapid releases of new singles ‘God Break Down The Door‘, and ‘Ahead Of Ourselves‘.


But today is the day. Nine Inch Nails ninth studio ‘album’ is out, you can stream it on Spotify and it is the highest of energy and brilliant.

And, yes, I put album in apostrophes because, let’s face it, there has been a bit of controversy since the indie industrial rock band NIN insisted Bad Witch is an album, when many fans believe it’s really not.

After all, the ‘album’ is 30 minutes and 11 seconds in length (literally 11 seconds over what some classify is absolute minimum length for an album), and has six songs. So, to some extent, it really is an EP.

So why are NIN, or at least lead singer Trent Reznor, insisting Bad Witch is an album, and not the third EP in a once-planned trilogy that includes EPs Not The Actual Events and Add Violence?

Because “EPs feel less important“. Or so he says.

My response? If you want this thing, this brilliant thing I might add, to be called an album then add at least one more song and make it longer. Otherwise you are trying to gain traction for an EP that doesn’t have the amount of music or work in it that other artists actual albums do. Yet, you want it to compete on the same stage.

And sure, Bad Witch is still ‘EP price’ (which tells you again, it is an EP), but it’s just the audacity of Trent Reznor insisting he has produced something he hasn’t. I mean, I love this guy and his outspoken attitude about many things, but not so much this.

But hey, listen to the damn thing anyway in the Spotify widget below. It’s a brilliant piece of work, is the third release from NIN in 18 months, which is cool on its own, and oh yeah they’re touring.

You can buy the EP at Rough Trade (who are also promoting it as an EP — go figure!)

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