Strong Girl Nam Soon E7 rating FALLS nationwide but Seoul audiences MORE LOYAL

Photo courtesy JTBC

Strong Girl Nam Soon, Episode 7 ratings affected by strong competition

With Saturday night becoming the most difficult time of the week for a Korean drama to earn high ratings due to strong competition (My Dearest, The Escape of the Seven, Castaway Diva and Strong Girl Nam Soon all air in overlapping time slots in South Korea) that Strong Girl Nam Soon saw a ratings fall nationwide last night isn’t entirely unexpected.

According to Nielsen Korea, Strong Girl Nam Soon, Episode 7 earned 7.34 percent of the audience share on Saturday night, which is a drop from its previous episode’s 8.09 percent.

In Seoul, however, the Strong Girl Nam Soon audience seems to be more loyal, as the JTBC drama earned a very strong 8.39 percent.

That is no drop at all from its previous episode’s 8.40 percent, so not worth considering, as well as a great testament to just how good the comedy drama has turned out to be.

Overall though, any drop for Episode 7 is likely to be rectified tonight when the next episode of the action comedy drama airs without My Dearest and The Escape of the Seven competing against it.

Strong Girl Nam Soon on Netflix still a runaway hit

Remember too, Strong Girl Nam Soon is also streaming on Netflix worldwide and, according to that streaming platform’s own numbers earlier this week, was still the 3rd most watched non-English TV series for the week of October 16th to October 22nd.

That is the K-drama’s third week on the Netflix Top 10 most-watched chart, with new numbers for the current week due out on Tuesday.

Strong Girl Nam Soon, Episode 8 will air on JTBC later on tonight, with Netflix streaming the new episode for its international audience soon after.

My guess is the Lee Yoo Mi-led drama’s ratings will be on the upswing in South Korea once again.


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