Strong Girl Nam Soon is #3 Most-Watched Non-English TV Show on Netflix with ratings rising in Korea too

Lee Yoo Mi in Strong Girl Nam Soon – Photo courtesy JTBC

Strong Girl Nam Soon moves up two spots on the Netflix Most-Watched Non-English TV Show chart

As the ongoing action comedy K-drama Strong Girl Nam Soon is experiencing rapidly increasing ratings in Korea, it seems the drama is becoming a hit with international viewers on Netflix as well.

According to the latest numbers from the streaming platform, Strong Girl Nam Soon is currently the #3 Most-Watched Non-English TV show on Netflix for the week of October 9th to October 15th.

That ranking is up from the K-drama being the 5th most -watched show the week before.

That also means, in the two weeks since it premiered, Strong Girl Nam Soon has been in the Netflix Top 10 for both of them. Yay!

How many hours has Strong Girl Nam Soon been viewed on Netflix?

The official numbers from the platform show the comedy drama has been viewed 15.8 million hours since it premiered on Netflix on October 7th.

For the period of October 9th to October 15th, the drama’s second week on the platform, it also received a total of 4.4 million views, and is currently in the Top 10 in 45 countries.

Those countries include Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Brazil, Greece, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Strong Girl Nam Soon‘s ratings in South Korea

The drama’s ratings in South Korea are also rising rapidly, with Episode 4, the drama’s latest episode, earning a high 9.76 percent nationwide and an even higher 10.54 percent.

Those ratings are a huge increase from the show’s first ratings of 4.29 percent nationwide, and 4.82 percent in Seoul.

Strong Girl Nam Soon is airing on JTBC in South Korea every Saturday and Sunday at 22:30 (KST), with new episodes appearing on Netflix for international viewers around the same time.

The K-drama stars Lee Yoo Mi as Nam Soon, alongside  Kim Jung Eun, Kim Hae Sook, Ong Seong Wu, and Byeon Woo Seok.


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