SYML’s ‘The War’ featured on ‘Killjoys’ series 3 finale — moody and introspective

SYML’s ‘The War‘ featured on ‘Killjoys‘ series 3 finale

SYML’s song ‘The War‘ was featured on Killjoys this week during the season finale — Season 3, Episode 10, “Wargasm“.

The track was played during the montage when everyone is together eating dinner before the battle begins, and when Aneela’s armada arrives. It keeps playing over the end credits.

And if you are not familiar with SYML, it is the moniker and current music project of Brian Fennell, the founding member of the Seattle-based indie rock band Barcelona.

SYML’s music is also getting a lot of attention from TV series music producers at the moment who seem to like his moody, introspective sound.

You can find out more about SYML on his website.

The singer songwriter currently has concert dates coming up in September and October in Los Angeles, the UK, Germany and the Netherlands if you would like to see him perform live.

As for ‘The War‘ you can buy the track, as well as listen to it in the video below and in the Deezer widget.

And, if you like what you have heard of SYML’s music so far, he also has a beautiful six-track debut EP out called Hurt For Me that features ‘Where’s My Love‘, a song recently played on an episode of The Originals and raved about by fans of the show.

Killjoys itself has just been renewed for a final two seasons — both of 10 episodes each.


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