Tagtraeumer’s new single ‘Unendlich Gleich’ has a catchy chorus and a cool music video

Tagtraeumer’s new single ‘Unendlich Gleich‘ has a catchy chorus and a cool and ultimately satisfying music video

Austrian five-member pop rock band Tagtraeumer‘s latest single ‘Unendlich Gleich‘ (Infinitely Equal) is currently in the number 57 spot on this week’s Austrian Top 40 Singles chart, up from number 70 last week in its sixth week on the chart.


And it’s a track I’ve been listening to for half the week because, regardless that I barely speak any German, I love the catchy chorus and, of course, the cool music video about a turbulent but finally satisfying relationship.

Because, as the German description about the song says:

The song is all about the attraction between two people. Two poles, which, in spite of their diversity, attract each other, move away from one another, and finally, in the joy of life, in celebration, in cooperation, in happiness discover that they are basically “infinitely equal”.

Unendlich Gleich‘ is from the album of the same name, just released on August 4th.

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It is the second album for Tagtraeumer, and is the follow up to their very successful 2015 debut Alles ok?. 

And, of course, 2atch the cool official music video for ‘Unendlich Gleich‘ below.

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