Talk Talk’s ‘It’s My Life’, Committing Myself To My New Life — Repeat Rotation Video

talk talk it's my life

I’m packing up my life. Or, actually more accurately, I’m packing two suitcases and a couple of boxes, and leaving everything else I own behind in Bangkok, Thailand for somebody else to use. Because life is too short to be encumbered with so much stuff.

Why am I packing? Because I’m moving to Vienna, Austria, to kick off a completely new life with a markedly different focus, and I want it as streamlined and ‘clean’ as it’s possible to be.

So, on that note, I’m listening to Talk Talk‘s ‘It’s My Life‘ as my Repeat Rotation Video today. Because the lyrics seemed a bit apt…

I’ve asked myself, how much do you commit yourself?
It’s my life, don’t you forget

Well, me. I’m committing myself. Completely.


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