Talk Talk’s ‘Life’s What You Make It’ Perfect Synthpop – Repeat Rotation Video


The first CD I ever owned was Talk Talk’s second album ‘It’s My Life‘. I didn’t buy it. I was given a promo copy when I was a DJ at a US radio station as I had played tracks from the album so much the station manager hoped, if I was able to play it more at home, I might just feature it less on air.

Of course, that didn’t work, I just played it more

And today, I’m back to playing Talk Talk’s ‘It’s My Life‘, the title track from the album, as my Repeat Rotation Video. It is a fabulous example of superb mid-1980s synthpop and, to me, just as catchy, fun, and supremely danceable, as the day I first heard it.

Watch the official Talk Talk music video below. Oh, and yes, the whole album is just as good. So good, in fact, the album was in the charts in the Netherlands for more than a year when it was first released.


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