Taxi Driver 2 Episode 9 ratings drop almost 3 percent from previous episode – drama still popular

The Taxi Driver 2 ratings continue to perform well in South Korea with Korean audiences seemingly still loving the popular revenge drama.

That popularity bore out again last night (March 24th, 2023) as Taxi Driver 2, Episode 9 ratings show a solid viewership, although quite a sizable drop in number from the drama’s previous episode.

According to Nielsen Korea, Taxi Driver 2, Episode 9 ratings showed the show gained a 13.4 percent share of the nationwide audience, with a 14.1 percent share in Seoul.

That placed the hit drama in second place in its time slot, both nationwide and in Seoul.

Even with those high ratings, however, Taxi Driver 2, Episode 9 did experience quite a substantial fall in viewers compared to its previous episode.

That episode earned the drama 16 percent nationwide and 17 percent in Seoul, meaning Episode 9 lost 2.6 percent of its audience nationwide, and 2.9 percent in Seoul.

Fingers crossed the next episode of Taxi Driver 2 will see the same higher numbers its previous episode earned, as the drama is easily one of the best K-dramas of 2023 so far.

Taxi Driver 2 is airing on SBS every Friday and Saturday at 22:00 (KST).

Western viewers outside Korea can watch the hit show via Viki, which streams each episode soon after they air in South Korea.

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