Tell Me That You Love Me Ep 1 may just herald one of best Korean dramas of 2023

Photo courtesy Genie TV/ENA

Everything about the new Genie TV K-drama Tell Me That You Love Me is perfect.

From its opening theme song, to its first beautifully filmed and almost cinematic scenes, to the immediate chemistry between the main characters, to its stunning cinematography and its calming and relaxing feel.


And, of course, to the superb performances of lead actors Jung Woo Sung and Shin Hyun Been, who just 60 minutes in already seem to be the perfect couple.

Even if they aren’t just yet.

Add in that utterly lovely ending scene as the two meet on the street, and Jung Mo Eun officially introduces herself to Cha Jin Woo ending her signed introduction with “glad to see you again” as he just smiles, and this new drama brings out all the right emotions.

In fact, the only thing I am a little disappointed in is that Tell Me That You Love Me is a 16-episode drama, as it is rare a romance drama is able to maintain its focus for all 16 episodes.

Especially as the Japanese drama it is based on (Aishiteiru to Ittekure), is only 12 episodes in length.

That being said, my opinion (obviously) is on hold about that until all 16 have been released.

If every episode of the K-drama does end up being as perfect as its first, however, Tell Me That You Love Me could easily go down as one of the best Korean dramas of 2023.

Tell Me That You Love Me, Episode 1 ratings

The ratings for Tell Me That You Love Me, Episode 1 were also solid last night in South Korea.

Especially for a Genie TV/ENA drama, which don’t tend to start off with big ratings.

According to Nielsen Korea, those Tell Me That You Love Me, Episode 1 nationwide ratings were 1.51 percent, and a higher 1.81 percent from viewers in Seoul.

Quite a bit higher than the first episode’s of several Genie TV dramas that have come before it.

With the buzz online about the new romance drama being incredibly positive so far as well, that rating may just increase as more episodes air.

Fingers crossed.

What is Tell Me That You Love Me about?

K-drama Tell Me That You Love Me is directed by Kim Yoon Jin (Our Beloved Summer), and is written by Kim Min Jung (The Sound of Magic).

The drama stars Jung Woo Sung and Shin Hyun Been in the lead roles, with the superb cast of Park Jin Joo, Kim Ji Hyun, Shin Jae Hwi, Kang Shin Il and Kim Mi Kyung in supporting roles.

It tells the story of aspiring but failing actress Jung Mo Eun (played by Shin Hyun Been), and Cha Jin Woo (Jung Woo Sung) a deaf artist who does not like to speak, and so expresses his emotions through his art.

The pair meet (officially) after Mo Eun saves Jin Woo’s life, and thus begin to fall in love.

Tell Me That You Love Me airs every Monday and Tuesday at 21:00 (KST) on ENA, and streams via Genie TV.

The K-drama is also currently available for international viewers in very limited regions via Disney +.

Michelle Topham