Tell Me That You Love Me Ep10 earns highest rating yet as international viewers rave about the K-drama

Photo courtesy ENA/Genie TV

As someone who is so obsessed with the ongoing Korean drama Tell Me That You Love Me I have already watched each available episode twice, you cannot even imagine how excited I was to see the rating for the episode that aired earlier tonight.

Especially as the rating for Tell Me That You Love Me, Episode 10, which aired on ENA in South Korea, was the drama’s highest rating yet.


A rating that, for the first time in its 10-episode run, has also finally (and deservedly) gotten Tell Me That You Love Me above the 2.0 percent mark.

According to Nielsen Korea, the rating for tonight’s Episode 10 was 2.125 percent — an increase from Episode 9’s 1.904 percent of the audience share last night — and one that also put the romance drama in second place in its time slot.

International viewers are rating Tell Me That You Love Me very high

Many viewers outside Korea are also seemingly still as obsessed with the drama as me, as its rating has not fallen from its current 8.6 out of 10 on My Drama List since it hit that mark several weeks ago.

On IMDB, Tell Me That You Love Me is performing even better with a very high 9.3 out of 10 stars.

Viewers are also still raving about the Korean drama, with the latest comments on My Drama List ranging from one person who could relate to the show’s plot:

I usually don’t have comfort drama, but this one right here is my number 1 comfort show from now on. I can only hear from one ear so I don’t know if I will go deaf completely, so watching shows like this makes me at peace and ready for the future.


I just happened to come across it this morning. I added it to my list (was on my plan to watch and OMG I forgot). I’m on episode 8 at the moment and one more to go. I literally binged it all day and I can’t stop. Love it so much so far. Love everything. I can’t believe no one talks about it, it’s so underrated. I’m already sad I’ll have to wait for a new episode.

In other words, if you have not yet begun to watch Tell Me That You Love Me, most of the people already at Episode 10 will likely tell you that you are missing a hidden gem.

Tell Me That You Love Me stars Jung Woo Sung and Shin Hyun Been, and airs every Monday and Tuesday evening on Genie TV and ENA in South Korea, with Disney Plus streaming it in some regions.