Tell Me That You Love Me, Ep 15 ratings increase as drama ends tonight with hopefully a happy ending

Photo of Jung Woo Sung in Tell Me That You Love Me courtesy ENA

The Korean drama Tell Me That You Love Me, Episode 15 ratings are out via Nielsen Korea with the romance drama earning a slightly higher rating than its previous episode last night.

That nationwide rating was a 1.60 percent versus Episode 14 audience share of 1.53 percent, which was also pretty consistent compared to what the K-drama has earned throughout its run.


In Seoul, the drama was able to grab a slightly higher percentage of the audience with a 1.88 percent rating compared to the 1.79 percent it grabbed for Episode 14.

With one episode of Tell Me That You Love Me left to air tonight then, it appears the ENA/Genie TV drama will end with the same steady ratings it has received throughout.

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Meanwhile, while international audiences are still rating the romance drama with high ratings (8.7 out of 10 on My Drama List, and an even higher 9.1 out of 10 on IMDB), they are still somewhat worried about the upcoming ending.

After all, while the drama’s first 11 episodes were strongly-written, its last four have been weaker as the main character of Jung Mo Eun (nicely played by Shin Hyun Been) went from being incredibly likeable to one you begin to despise.

It will be interesting to see then if Cha Jin Woo (masterfully played by Jung Woo Sung) gets his deserved happy ending, or if Jung Mo Eun is unable to get past her immature “Me, Me, Me” attitude.

The final episode of Tell Me That You Love Me will be out on ENA and Genie TV later on tonight, with Disney Plus streaming the final episode of the Korean drama for a select number of regions.