Tell Me That You Love Me Ep 3 ratings steady – 4th place on cable/pay TV for Monday

Photo courtesy Genie TV/ENA

The new Korean romance drama Tell Me That You Love Me, Episode 3 aired on Genie TV in South Korea on Monday night to steady ratings.

Numbers via Nielsen Korea show Tell Me That You Love Me, Episode 3 earned 1.67 percent of the cable TV/pay TV audience share nationwide, which is in the same ballpark as its previous episode’s 1.80 percent.

The same held true for the K-drama’s Seoul audience, which fell only slightly from Episode 2’s 2.0 percent to last night’ 1.72 percent.

The drama also ended up in 4th place in both regions for the most-watched TV show on cable TV/pay TV on Monday.

In other words, Tell Me That You Love Me started out with Episode 1 earning a solid Genie TV rating of 1.51 percent/1.81 percent on November 27th, and has stayed around the same number or slightly higher since. Yay!

International audiences and Tell Me That You Love Me

While the Korean drama is difficult to find in many regions around the world (mine included), it is still being rated high on various international websites including on IMDB where it is rated a 9.2 out of 10 so far.

On My Drama List, whose users are notorious for downgrading dramas for minor infractions, Tell Me That You Love Me is currently rated an 8.4 out of 10, which is a high rating for users of the site.

Tell Me That You Love Me stars Jung Woo Sung as deaf artist Cha Jin Woo and Shin Hyun Been as aspiring actress Jung Mo Eun.

Both actors are utterly superb in their roles, but with Jung Woo Sung being the absolute standout as, three episodes in, and he has yet to utter a single line of dialogue but has still burrowed his way into everyone’s heart.

The Korean drama streams every Monday and Tuesday night on Genie TV in South Korea, with ENA also airing it for its audience.

Outside Korea, the drama is extremely difficult to find legally, with only Disney + streaming it so far and for very limited audiences.

Fingers crossed it will get a wider audience going forward.

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