Tell Me That You Love Me Ep 7 ratings almost back to all-time high as international fans rave about the K-drama

Photo courtesy Genie TV/ENA

The Genie TV/ENA drama Tell Me That You Love Me, Episode 7 aired last night in South Korea to slightly higher ratings than its previous episode.

New numbers from Nielsen Korea show Tell Me That You Love Me, Episode 7 earned 1.88 percent of the audience share, which is almost back to its all-time high rating of 1.98 percent, which the K-drama earned for Episode 4.


With tonight’s episode of the romance drama taking the Korean drama to its half-way point, there is also plenty of time for Tell Me That You Love Me to increase its ratings even more.

International viewers response to Tell Me That You Love Me

International audiences watching Tell Me That You Love Me are also still raving about the drama, its performances, story and cinematography.

On My Drama List, where it is currently being rated 8.6 out of 10 (very high for users of that site), users are overwhelmingly positive about, what I must admit, is my favorite Korean drama of the year:

Very few dramas, My Mister, Lost, My Liberation Notes, Chocolate, and Call It Love, have affected me to the extent that I would go as far as to say changed me, and Tell Me That You Love Me is slowly but surely earning its right to be amongst those few but greatest ever made. Every episode, I cry.

Sometimes, I find it hard even to catch my breath while laughing or smiling at the same time. I knew she would confess, the way she stared at him as he sipped his coffee. I am overwhelmed every time. This beautiful drama profoundly impacts me!


I love this drama soooo much! It’s sooo beautiful!!!! the music, the acting, the cast, the way the approach the struggles & everyday life of people with hearing impairment…Everything is beautiful & heartwarming! I am praying for a happy ending!!!! 

On IMDB, Tell Me That You Love Me is being rated even higher, currently with a 9.4 out of 10, which has increased over the last couple of weeks.

Tell Me That You Love Me stars Jung Woo Sung and Shin Hyun Been as deaf artist Cha Jin Woo, and would-be actress Jung Mo Eun who, due to a series of circumstances, meet, remeet and then begin to fall in love with each other.

The Korean drama airs every Monday and Tuesday at 21:00 (KST) on Genie TV and ENA, with Disney Plus streaming it in a very few regions.

The drama’s next episode will air tonight.