The Boxer Rebellion’s ‘Here I Am’ music video is somber, sad, and so intimate

The Boxer Rebellion’s ‘Here I Am‘ music video is somber, sad and so intimate

British indie band The Boxer Rebellion released the music video for their new single ‘Here I Am’ today.  The track is from their upcoming sixth studio album Ghost Alive, and is the follow up to the lead single ‘What The Fuck‘, which was released last October.

Here I Am‘ is a stunningly sad song and the music video illustrates that to perfection, with opening shots of lead singer Nathan Nicholson in a cemetery kneeling at a grave.

Leaving the cemetery, he walks through a dreary autumn day into the almost deserted streets of London towards an empty rehearsal hall the other band members are arriving at one by one. As each arrive, they pick up their instruments and begin to play, with Nicholson arriving last to add his vocals.

The end of the video goes back to the cemetery, and to a black and white photograph Nicholson had left on a grave.  A photograph of Nicholson with someone who may be his father.

Ghost Alive is due to be released in early 2018 and, if ‘Here I Am‘ and ‘What The Fuck‘ are indicative of the rest of the album, it appears to be comprised of slower songs than The Boxer Rebellion is normally known for. Not that I am complaining, as both are gorgeous.

And, while not mega-famous — yet — the band themselves are carving out a pretty lucrative career for themselves, not only with the release of beautiful music like ‘Here I Am‘, but also with their songs being featured on a huge number of TV shows including CSI: New York, Shameless, The Originals, The Royals, Being Human and many times on the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy.

Listen to The Boxer Rebellion’s ‘Here I Am‘ in the official music below and you can easily see why. It is such a beautifully intimate song.

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