The Boxer Rebellion’s ‘Promises’ is Dramatic and Almost Hurts — Repeat Rotation Video


I’ve been obsessed with The Boxer Rebellion’s single ‘Promises’ since I heard the album of the same name when it was released in 2013. Because, while the whole album is superb, ‘Promises‘ is the track that stood out to me the most. Which is why ‘Promises‘ is my Repeat Rotation Video today.

Because what I love about this song is the way the music swells into a massive, dramatic chorus, and how Nathan Nicholson’s falsetto vocals almost hurt as you hear them.

The album Promises was the fourth studio album for the London-based indie rock band. It hit the number 69 spot on the Billboard album chart when released although, in my mind, it should have gone much further up as what these guys do with rock is so special.

Watch the official video for the song below.


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