The Chainsmokers’ ‘Beach House’ is catchy, cool and obviously another hit song for the duo

The Chainsmokers continue their string of hits with a new release today. Called ‘Beach House‘, the music video for the song already has over 600,000 views on YouTube just hours after release.


So yep, you know this one is going to sell millions as well. Especially when you hear that lovely synth hook, and the addictive melody.

‘Beach House‘, of course, is written about the Baltimore dream-pop duo Beach House everybody loves right now.

The Chainsmokers boys even admitted it with a tweet that said, “Really love this song as well cause we tried to get back to our roots on this with that classic OG Chainsmoker feel/ And we were listening to a lot of Beach House”.

But The Chainsmokers’ ‘Beach House‘ isn’t just about the dream-pop duo. It is also a song written about the type of woman singer Drew Taggart seems to like.

Of course, whenever we get a new Chainsmokers song, the talentless one-track mind ‘music critics’ who wouldn’t know actual talent if it jumped up and smacked them in the head (and something or someone sometimes needs to!) are all over their publications talking about how terrible ‘Beach House‘ is.

Except…it isn’t.

Instead, ‘Beach House‘ is a catchy, cool pop song the likes of which put The Chainsmokers on the map in the first place. Because let’s face it, music fans don’t always want something angst-driven or depressing.

Listen to The Chainsmokers’ ‘Beach House‘ in the official music video below to see what I mean.

The video itself is a California-focused effort, with the Chainsmoker boys enjoying Santa Monica and its vicinity, and with girls of Drew Taggart’s ‘type’ in various places around the world possibly waiting for him.

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