The Cure’s set list for Meltdown on June 24th, 2018 was huge

Each year, a different musical genius curates Meltdown — the London arts festival held at Southbank Centre every year. In 2018, it was The Cure’s Robert Smith that was curator, which is one reason why his band was the closing act of the festival. And what a closing act they were.

After all, The Cure closed out last night’s Meltdown 2018 with an enormous set list of songs. Probably the biggest set list The Cure has ever had.

And what was so brilliant about this set list was it featured two songs from every album The Cure has ever released — but split into two set lists — so there was something for every type of Cure fan.

The first section,  which they called From There To Here, had one song from each of their thirteen studio albums  — starting with the first album —  1979’s Three Imaginary Boys — and going right through to the last — 2008’s 4:13 Dream — in chronological order.

They also added the previously unreleased track ‘It Can Never Be The Same‘ at the end of that set.

The second section, From Here to There, went in reverse. It started with The Cure’s new song ‘Step Into The Light‘, and ended up with ‘Boys Don’t Cry’.

Check out The Cure’s massive Meltdown set list below. Then watch the band’s live performance of ‘A Strange Day’ in the video below it.

The Cure’s set list for Meltdown — June 24th, 2018

From There to Here
Three Imaginary Boys
At Night
Other Voices
A Strange Day
A Night Like This
Like Cockatoos
Pictures of You
Jupiter Crash
Us or Them
It’s Over
It Can Never Be the Same

From Here to There
Step Into the Light
The Hungry Ghost
The Last Day of Summer
From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
Shake Dog Shake
One Hundred Years
A Forest
Boys Don’t Cry

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