The Cure’s ‘Six Different Ways’ in Stephen King’s ‘It’ as the Losers clean the bloody bathroom

The Cure’s ‘Six Different Ways‘ in Stephen King’s ‘It‘ as the Losers clean Beverly’s bloody bathroom

I am going back to the new Stephen King movie ‘It’ today to showcase yet another song featured on its soundtrack.

That song is The Cure track ‘Six Different Ways‘. A song that plays while the Losers are helping Beverly clean her bathroom that is covered in blood from an erupting sink.

The Cure’s ‘Six Different Ways‘ is from the alternative rock band’s sixth studio album The Head on the Door. Released in 1985, it was the first Cure album to break out and become popular in Europe, the U.S. and the U.K.

The track itself, with its orchestral intro and almost child-like or circus feel throughout, is one of the lesser known songs from the album, but was also featured in the movie Rules of Attraction back in 2002.

It was also a perfect addition to the ‘It‘ scene where Beverly and the Losers bathroom clean.

Listen to it below. You can buy The Cure’s The Head on the Door album on most major digital music platforms.

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