The Decemberists Sing ‘Make You Better’ and ‘The Wrong Year’ on CBS This Morning (Videos)

the decemberists cbs this morning

Oregon band The Decemberists was live on CBS This Morning: Saturday Sessions yesterday where they sang two songs — ‘Make You Better‘, and ‘The Wrong Year‘.

The indie folk rock band was one of my favorites for a while, as some of their influences are Death Cab for Cutie, R.E.M., The Postal Service, and Modest Mouse — some of my all-time favorite bands — and they always played great music.

Sadly, The Decemberists disappeared from the music scene four years ago, saying they needed to “take a break”.

But they resurrected themselves in 2014 and now, with a European tour just completed in early 2015, a North American tour underway, and a new album — ‘What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World’ — they are back with a vengeance.

Listen to The Decemberists performing ‘Make You Better‘ and ‘The Wrong Year‘ live on CBS This Morning. Made my day.

Update: Sadly, CBS This Morning has deleted the videos of The Decemberists’ gorgeous performance on that show. So I have substituted that performance with an equally superb one soon after on KCRW.

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