The Depeche Mode 360 degree video for ‘Going Backwards’ is blurry and dull

The Depeche Mode 360 degree video for ‘Going Backwards‘ is blurry and dull

Iconic British electronic band Depeche Mode has released a new 360 degree music video for ‘Going Backwards‘,  the first track from their 14th studio album released on 17th March this year.

The music video version of ‘Going Backwards‘ is of a rich yet stripped back version of the song and, while filming a 360 degree music video is an interesting thought, is it just me that hates them?

Because every time a band or singer releases a 360 degree music video I always think it’s cool for about 20 seconds but then, when the subsequent blurriness of the video starts to get on my nerves, I just stop watching.

In other words, bands, please stop releasing these usually artistically-dull videos until the technology has caught up and you can actually make an in-focus video with something interesting to say. (And nope, there is nothing unusual about the Depeche Mode video, it’s just the band playing the track in a circle with red blurry lights floating around the studio as they play — yawn),

Watch Depeche Mode’s  360 degree vid for ‘Going Backwards’ below to see what I mean. And yep, I’d say its going backwards too. To a time when a typical music video was blurry and dull.

You can, however, watch the non-360 degree video of the song below that, and it is much nicer.

As for the song, which in my opinion is one of the best on their excellent new album, you can buy the album Spirit on most major music sites.

If you would like to watch them play live, Depeche Mode will kick off a world tour in support of Spirit later on this year, with their North American leg starting on August 23rd in Salt Lake City, Utah.

You can get all the concert dates on the Depeche Mode website.

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